Friday, 30 October 2009

The BoHo Scarecrow

Hello! Nothing more to say than, I thought it was about time to give The BoHo Scarecrow a home of its own. I used blogger avidly before as TomOfTheChange, but packed it up as Myspace suddenly happened and has subsequently died. We are going back to the future, like the spiritual machines that we are.

What to expect?

I will be publishing written extracts and music from my current obsession, which is the writing of The Light Gate opera. I am also working on completing the album 'Amazing Unfinished Rock n Roll Odyssey', which is comprised of music from ideas and lives from the past.

Expect video blogs and BoHo Broadcasts. Occassional musings. Thisblog will run in tandem with the prospective launch of The BoHo Scarecrow Radio Hour. But I will almost certainly keep that Matchett fella out of this as much as possible. I've learnt that over the years. Will bung in the odd link to things I like.

Interested to see what will fly, though I carry no expectations.

BoHo Scarecrow calls for collaborators; artists, film makers, writers, futurists, performers, impressarios, musicians, designers, publicists, technologists, speakers. BoHo Scarecrow wants your interaction. BoHo Scarecrow builds through collaboration. BoHo Scarecrow seeks to develop an creative eco-system in which each participating practioner is enabled to realise their own personal creative projects, in addition to BoHo Scarecrow collective goals. BoHo Scarecrow will provide infrastructure to enable real and virtual platforms for creation, performance and distribution of art, music and film.

More to come. Peace, love and Ray 'Fucking' Kurzweil!

The BoHo Scarecrow


  1. Scarecrow for EU prez!

  2. Wow! If Kenny The Ken recommends it, then this blog is going to be totally chic!