Thursday, 31 December 2009

Our Future In Celluloid

WE are working on a film project that has been toyed with for a while, but its only now with a little horse trading that it seems as though we can move forward.

That's right Boys and Girls! The BoHo Scarecrow movie is now go. Said horse trading has been done with business partner over at Kruger One, and I am heading into the movie business. Its going to be a bit like Filth & The Fury meets Magical Mystery Tour.

Film, if not my first wife, was my bedfellow for some yours. I studied it at University, particularly British non-realism and West coast avant-garde. Beyond that, I continued my odyssey on time and process based image projections, with my thesis on Gustav Metzger. I met Metzger and Boyle Family too.

This project has two distinct goals:

1) Produce an engaging promotional film for The BoHo Scarecrow project.

2) Generate video content for live performance projection.

And what of the New Year?

I'm rather keen to go into detox for a few months and have a holiday from drinking. I also want to stop smoking. My body needs the rest, and my pocket needs the money. Not least because I'd like to head out to L.A in the Summer and go on tour.

What a decade its been! My life is unrecognizable. Much better prepared for the new decade. A new epoch, for me I think. This is supposed to be the decade when I finally make a lot of money. In ten years time, I am supposed to be rich enough to start funding other people's vanity projects.

Regardless, Happy New Year.

Your friend,

The BoHo Scarecrow

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