Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Will You Have Some Tea At The Theatre With Me?

THE last few weeks have been hugely busy and tremendously successful. The first BoHo Scarecrow Tea Party is going ahead this Saturday and tomorrow I return to Powers Bar in Kilburn to play a show. Last time around, I had a great gig there. So much has happened since then, I am a different man.

The contract came through for playing the Camden Head today on April 7th, so I am booked up.

I have also set up BoHo Scarecrow Media a film production and social networking project, that delivers hyperlocal video content filmed in full HD to location based services. We have also now produced two films and there are several projects in the works.

One of these involves The Who and is tied into the 2010 Who Convention, which I have started organising having been Master of Ceremonies at the 2006 event, which had appearances from Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend, Bruce Foxton, Irish Jack Lyons and unforgettably – Keith Moon's mum. We raised £7,000 at the last event for the Teenage Cancer Trust. I want this year's event to raise £17,000 for the TCT and also the trust set up for Meg Fox's family to cope with the terrible medical bills that they were left with.

Its got me absolutely flat on the floor at the moment, but its paying off. We are aiming for the last weekend in September, with two events running simultaneously next door in Kilburn on the Friday (at the Good Ship and the Luminaire), featuring the ultimate, most authentic Mod club possible. The main event on the Saturday will be at a major venue in London with some rather famous names on the bill.

Having searched my soul and originally deciding not to play it, I had a lot of people asking me to and have decided in true Townshendian ambitious style to debut The Light Gate: An Opera there with a full band and film projections.

Organising this event has also introduced me to a number of Who associates, including Doug Sandom, who was the band's original drummer. Doug bought me a few brandies last Friday in Ruislip, and I put an idea to him about filming an interview. He was up for it, and I am now working on doing a whole series of interviews to put them together for a film to sell on DVD at the Convention. It will also feature myself in the pub with Keith Moon. Trust me on this, wait and see.

I am hoping that we might get a film from Pete Townshend too, to include. It will be BoHo Scarecrow Media's most exciting and ambitious project to date. Entirely feasible. Will hopefully raise some good money for charity and I will have a blast making it.

I'm particularly proud that in the day job this month I have closed three deals, which is the best start to a year that I've ever had. It is surreal to live this double life but increasingly, I am feeling rewarded. A great love of mine had this amazing ability to get on and do things. To refuse pontification. A remarkable woman, she managed to book seven dates for my first US tour for me as an unknown. Like all inspiration, you have to grab it when it comes and that's what I am doing. I have turned away from the headfucks, I have my head down and pushing like hell.

So, hugely busy. Excited like hell. Aware that I have to keep on going, that I will persevere and as my friend Meg Fox used to tell me I would one day do, make something great.

Your friend,

The BoHo Scarecrow

P.S. As part of my bouncing back from multiple heartbreak oblivion, I have developed the ultimate chat up line. Amazingly, this has had a 5 out of 7 success rate. I demonstrated it to a random that I met last night down my local, in front of her husband and with his permission, I might add (the MoJo was not loaded). She gave it mixed reviews. Turned out that it was Lisa Stansfield. Had no idea. Nice lady. They have lovely dogs.

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